Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hoping For New Neighbors

Even amidst all the snow the bluebirds have still been coming back to see what I have for them. It is rather funny. If I have not put food out yet, they just sit on the bird pole and watch in my kitchen window. I think have figured out where the food comes from and are getting used to seeing movement inside the house.

They are also hanging out on the bird house, but no one has ventured in yet. I keep hoping that one of the couples decides they need a new home. If I can get them to establish themselves, hopefully they will be more likely to defend their home against predators. I have done as much as I can to protect it with a baffle, halo and easy access to food. So only time will tell how successful this plan will be.

My dog Sophie doesn't even mind that the birds come around. She does get a little uptight when they land on the ground and get close to the sliding glass door. I suppose a 6 1/2" bird can look a little threatening when you are only 10" tall.

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